30 September 2009

it's official

after thinking about the prospect of starting a blog for while, i've finally decided to just do it. i'm excited but i'm also a little nervous at the same time. this is new territory for me (the nervous part), but i'm always up for learning something new and challenging (the excited part). so here goes....

as my first official blog post i think i'll keep things simple and list ten things i hope to gain from this adventure into the world of blogging....

1. a place to share my thoughts about things that are important to me

2. a place to share some of my photographs

3. a place to share the stories behind some of my photographs

4. the chance to connect with my friends and family in a different way

5. the chance to connect with a whole group of new peeps

6. a place to share some of my scrapbook pages and other projects

7. the chance to improve my writing skills

8. the opportunity to learn more about this world of blogging

9. the chance to keep an online journal (of sorts)

10. the opportunity to express my creativity in a new way

thanks for joining me! if you'd like to subscribe to my blog and receive updates when new things are posted, just use the button at the left under the subscribe to my blog heading....