30 March 2010

an extended spring break

i got an e-mail from my dad today that went something like this....

blog ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

actually that is all it said... ;-)

and actually i had been thinking a couple of days ago and then again just last night that it was time to pick things up again here in blogland. i was actually starting to miss it. i had needed a little bit of a break so i'm glad i took one. this blog is supposed to be a fun thing for me. and so just like with my scrapbooking, when it starts to feel more like a chore and less like fun, i take a break.

but now i'm back and let's just say that i took an early, extended spring break! and it's been busy around here, lots of stuff happening and lots to post about...so i'll be back tomorrow for a ten things thursday post.

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