01 April 2010

ten things going on around here

since i've been away for awhile i thought i'd fill you in on all the things that have been going on around here. some good news, some bad news, some things to follow up with in future posts. happy thursday and i hope everyone has a great easter weekend!

1. i'm still trucking along with my marathon training. i've been pleasantly suprised at how things are progressing. i completed 12 miles this past saturday - can you believe that?!?! me either! it's still hard for me to imagine doing twice that amount in one day, but two months ago i never imagined me completing 12 miles either. my fundraising efforts are going pretty good too. you can check things out here.

2. my friend trina is no longer is remission and her leukemia has returned. we are all devasted by this news but also very hopeful that she can still kick the $%@& out of the cancer cells that are taking over her body. she is participating in a clinical trail with the hopes of getting her back into remission so she can undergo a bone marrow transplant. please keep her and her sweet family in your thoughts and prayers.

3. while i was on my extended spring break here in blogland i celebrated my 40th birthday. more details about this coming soon!

4. daddy, aka paul, also celebrated a birthday during my extended spring break and the boys had a great time singing happy birthday and helping blow out the candles.

5. we also had a very exciting visit to the dinosaur trail at the museum of life and science in durham. we had perfect weather and the boys had a great time. the vist was two weeks ago and they are still talking about it! i'm sure a scrapbook layout will be coming here as i did get some great photos. this one might be my favorite...

6. as a birthday present to myself i got myself a new camera - the new canon t2i. so, so excited about it even though there is a hugh learning curve to overcome. i'm really looking forward to learning all about it!

7. during my extended spring break i also decided to purchase a large format printer. i decided to go with the hp photosmart B8550 and have been very happy with the results. i've printed both 4 x 6 photos and some full 12 x 12 layouts and would highly recommend this printer if you're on the hunt for a printer that can print up to 13 x 19. needless to say i've been busy printing out some of my digital pages - like this one, and these, and all of these.

8. i have definitely been keeping up with my project 365 album and am planning a 1Q2010 summary post for next week to share some of my favorite parts.

9. i have also been keeping up with my photochallenge picture taking and will be sharing my signs theme photos in an upcoming post as well.

10. and since tomorrow is good friday and the boys are out of school i'm headed off to two easter parties and two easter eggs hunts this afternoon. i hope the timings works out in my favor since i promised both boys i'd attend. and i've got my new camera ready to take some shots.

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  1. Nice to hear what you've been up to. Happy Birthday!