09 February 2010

valentine's day mini, mini album

today i wanted to share a cute little "album" i made for my grandmother (aka my "mamaw") for valentine's day.

this april my grandmother will turn 93 years old. she still lives alone and even though she doesn't move around like she used to, she's doing amazing for 93. she still talks on the phone for hours every night with her friends and she can still get lost walking around walmart looking and touching everything she passes. ;-).

she has four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and when i saw this mini album in my local craft store, the idea for this album jumped into my head - a small album with a picture of each of us. it was really easy to make and i know that she is going to love it.

this is what it looked like when i purchased it. you can see just how small it really is - fits right in the palm of my hand! how cute is that?! and it was only two dollars!

i used my heart punch and some epoxy heart stickers throughout the album. lots of hearts because its for valentine's day!

since the heart shape of the album measured roughly 2.5 inches across, i printed head shots of all of us that were 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches. i then just cut each picture to fit the shape and added some patterned paper from my scrap pile. on a couple of the pages i used my border punches and then some red ink on the edges of other pages.

so easy to make and i really liked how it turned out!!

wishing you an early happy valentine's day! lots of love, hugs and kisses!

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