15 October 2009

ten things about blake right now

today marks my third week of blogging and i've realized that for the past two thursdays i've posted a "ten things" list - you can view them here and here. since i've always been a hugh fan of making lists, i've decided that every thursday will be "ten things thursday" here at just words + photos. (try to say that fast five times - ten things thursday, ten things thursday, ten things thursday...). every thursday my blog post will be a list of ten items about a given topic. doesn't that sound fun! i know, i know....just humor me! and if you have any ideas for a ten things list let me know!

so having said all that, my ten things thursday list this week will be in honor of my littlest one who will be turning three years old on the 19th - ten things about blake right now. happy birthday wild man!! i love you! and i can't believe that you are 3!

1. you are a very picky eater. so its a good thing is that you can apparently thrive on apples, bananas, madarian oranges, french fries and chicken nuggets because that is all you eat.

2. you hate having to go to bed at night.

3. you like to brush your teeth.

4. you love to watch wonder pets, dora and diego. as a matter of fact you told me you wanted "wonder pet cupcakes" for your birthday.

5. you are very polite and say thank you every chance you get. example - you sneezed the other day and i said "bless you buddy" and you said "tank you mommy" (as you wiped your nose with the bottom of your shirt).

6. daddy calls you his "little wild man" and you call daddy your "punk".

7. you love the mexican restaurant we go to all the time even though all you eat are the chips. you say "i go mexicoat and eat chips!".

8. you are still wearing pull ups and i think it will still be awhile before you are completely potty trained.

9. you insist on wearing your backpack to daycare even though you don't have anything to carry to school. you want to wear yours because michael takes his to kindergarten.

10. you love making a mess of the playroom but you hate helping clean it up. you cross your arms over your chest and say in your mad voice "no my not!"

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