29 October 2009

ten things that are inspiring me right now

another thursday has rolled around and that means another ten things thursday post. such fun! today i'm going to list ten things that are inspiring me right now. some entries will take you to other places on the web and some are just my thoughts/observations. enjoy....

1. watching someone i love battle leukemia. in spite of everything, holding her head high with a beautiful bright smile and an awesome positive attitude. her courage, her strength, and her determination.

2. the artist david arms. i read about him in a magazine recently and i am really, really liking this number from his collection.

3. re-reading eat, pray, love by elizabeth gilbert for the third time. i really love this book.

4. i found this project on the web a couple of days ago and am thinking about doing it for the year i was born - 1970. yes - i know...i'm nerdy that way

5. for some reason i'm really into owls right now.....not sure why, but perhaps it has to do with the change of seasons. and then i found the sherwood owl purse by kate spade. how cute is it? not only does it have eyes, a beak and suede feathers - it also has feet! not quite sure i'm ready to spend $425 on a purse, but it sure is some nice eye candy.

6. getting the chance to use some of my childhood photos to tell my story (as part of an online class at big picture scrapbooking with ali edwards). photos like this....

and this...

7. ordering a kit from here so my boys and i can put together a gift-filled shoe box for another little boy for christmas. a great cause and a great way to get your kids involved.

8. these new sharpie pens. just one click and they don't bleed through. they rock! and if you love sharpies these are a must...

9. catching up with old friends that you haven't seen in years. and you just start chatting and its just like old times. you don't even miss a beat - even though you both now have two husbands and four kiddos between the two of you. i love that. those are the best friends.

10. and finally all the bright fall colors around my parts. i love the yellows, oranges and reds. almost makes me forget that summer really is over.


  1. I love your 10 things that are inspiring you right now! Might do that on my blog too!(linda from Shimelle's class)

  2. That is a cute purse! But yeah, I don't know about $425 for it

  3. I love your list. I might try the photos from the year one too...(1971 for me)

  4. Wonderful blog title! You're so right..I love Samaritans Purse: it's a wonderful charity

  5. Love the purse - not the prize :)

  6. Great idea to blog your inspiration. And I LOVE the idea to do a project on the year you were born. I am so inspired to try that, too!