22 October 2009

ten things about michael right now

hello everyone! it's thursday and you know what that means....ten things thursday! my oldest kiddo turned six yesterday (october 21st) so my post today will be ten things about him right now. his name is michael and i cannot believe he is six years old already. i love you buddy and the dinosaur trail this weekend is going to be a blast!

1. you started kindergarten in august and it would be an understatement to say that you have had a rough start. but i think you are finally finding your groove and the rest of the year is going to be a breeze.

2. the first thing people say when they see you is "man michael, you are getting so tall." the second thing they say as they look at me is "you're going to be as tall as you mom before long!"

3. you are getting dressed pretty much all by yourself in the mornings.

4. you are really into sharks right now and you still like star wars.

5. you're favorite tv channels are animal planet, the history channel and the discovery channel.

6. you asked me the other day why god decided to make criminals and murderers. my answer was that god always gives people the ability to choose and that they can chose to do good things or bad things and that some people decide to listen to the devil instead of to god. you thought about it for a minute and said "oh, i get it. so the devil makes the criminals and the murderers and god makes the police officers".

7. i think your favorite things about school right now are getting to go to the library every week and music class.

8. you still really do not like to brush your teeth.

9. this morning was your birthday and the very first thing you wanted to do was weigh yourself. i have no idea where this idea came from but you literally popped out of bed and said that we should go weigh you. the scale said 53.2 and you seemed a little disappointed. i'm not sure what you expected.

10. you love eating cheese and drinking chocolate milk and your all time favorite restaurant is still mcdonalds.

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