09 October 2009

what is your color personality?

i saw an intersting little quiz today in the september 2009 issue of house beautiful magazine (the online version of the magazine can be found here) and thought it would be fun to share. do you know your color personality? apparently it can be linked to your name. i'm skeptical, although i can say that i do somewhat agree with my results. my color personality is orange - which translates to "balanced both mentally and physically. happy, loyal, takes each day as it comes." now i question the balanced-both-mentally-and-physically part, but i do agree with the rest. what is your color personality? take this little quiz to find out. and leave a comment letting me know your results and if you agree with the assessment.


  1. i took the color personality test and found out i am a green. walker is an orange and McKenna is a rose. It was fun.

  2. I was rose ;-). Emma is orange like you!