11 October 2009

three generations

recently i was going through some old family photos and decided to create a scrapbook album about my grandmother, my mom and me. this album celebrates the fact that the connections and relationships that define us as women really don’t change from one generation to the next. my grandmother was born in 1917, my mom in 1946, and me in 1970. and even though we are generations apart we have all been little girls, brides and first time mothers and we are all daughters, sisters, and wives.....my favorite part of this album is the photos and how powerful it is to see a picture of my grandmother as a first time mom right beside a similar picture of my mother and myself as first time mothers. you can see the passage of time in these photos. and even though our lives are very different and we as individuals are very different, the roles we play as women and the relationships we cherish the most are the same.

three generations of women...

...as little girls

...as sisters

...as high school graduates

...as brides

...as first time moms

...as mothers of two

...as wives


  1. Dana - what a beautiful blog. Reading all of your entries has been like watching a really good movie that you don't want to end...

  2. Thanks Mrs. Neely! And that is a really nice compliment!