12 November 2009

ten things i'd tell my high school sophomore self

happy thursday! this week's ten things thursday post actually comes from an assignment i was given in an online scrapbooking class about documenting stories that celebrate growth, change and evolution. for the layout i decided to write a letter (of sorts) to my high school sophmore self. and then decided that this would make a perfect ten things thursday post.

so this is my official picture from my sophomore year in high school. i was 16 years old.

and if i could, i've love the opportunity to be able to look this young lady in the eye and tell her a thing or two. if given the chance, i'd tell her that....

1. you already know it’s important to keep studying hard. just don’t stress too much about the bad grade you are going to get in advanced algebra, because in the long run that one D will not mean anything. i know you cannot believe it now, but yes, you will get one D on your high school transcript.

2. all those cliques and popularity “contests” you're worrying about don’t mean anything in the real world. so don’t stress about not being in “the group” or wonder why you’re not “in”. don’t doubt yourself and wonder why you’re not good enough. because i know for a fact that “miss likely to succeed” will end up selling cell phones in a booth at a mall and that that title will not make her any better or any more successful than you.

3. your life will not end because you have to ride the school bus to/from school even though it feels like you are going to die of embarrassment.

4. your parents really do know what they are doing when they give you an early curfew and have to be all in your business. and believe it or not you will be thankful for their rules one day because you will understand where they are coming from and you will realize that they are keeping you out of trouble.

5. when you get to college stay away from credit cards. far, far away.

6. falling in love does not mean that you have to fall sooo far in love that you loose yourself and who you are. you’ll learn this one the hard way and it will take you awhile, but you’ll eventually figure it out.

7. you would probably be better off taking spanish instead of french.

8. the two jobs that you will hate the most will also be the ones in which you learn your biggest life lessons – a waitress job at a seafood restaurant during college and a high school teaching job right out of college.

9. when you get out of college and in your 20s don’t be in such a rush to figure everything out and get to the next stage of your life. lighten up and enjoy the journey.

10. you should not take art history in college. this will be the one D on your college transcript.


  1. This is such a great post. I haven't done this assignment yet and you've definitely inspired me!

  2. imagine if there was really a thing called the
    time machine and you could go back in time and
    tell that girl what you have listed here (:

    anyway, I hope this doesn't offend you but you
    don't look 16 in the photo! ;D

  3. ow I wish I had known some of those things too, what a great post.