05 November 2009

ten things i'm working on right now

another thursday so another ten things thursday post. this week i thought i'd list all of the "projects" i have ongoing at the minute. yes you can call me the queen of unfinished projects. it's horrible to say, but i have all the following at various stages of completion. oh i have my reasons for not having finished each one and a couple of them are current and truly ongoing in the sense that they are up-to-date. i'm hoping that posting them all here will motivate me to get the ball rolling and actually get them completed. after all, there are many more projects that i'd like to start.

1. disney album from our may 2008 trip to disney world. no...its not a typo...that is may 2008! this album is almost done except for the last day that we spent at epcot. i love disney as much as the next person, but honestly there is only so much disney magic one can take in one sitting....

2. twleve album for 2008. this was a project that i completed last year taking 12 photos on the 12th day of every month in 2008. i have the 12 photos for each month printed out and i even have the journaling for each picture done. i just need to put the last four months pages together.

3. three generations album i just started and posted about here. this one is almost complete too. just really need to wrap it up!

4. my grandfather's world war 2 album. i got a pretty good start on this one but then i ran into some technical difficulties with the story and some of the photos. since i've stopped i've pretty much decided i'm ready to go at this another way so will probably start back at square one.

5. my project 365 album for 2009. this is my photo a day project for this year and i'm actually up to date on my photos. i'm just a little behind on the journaling. i'm using becky higgin's project 365 kit for this one and its pretty easy to stay up to date. obviously this project will not be completed until the end of the year, but i'm pretty much caught up and current.

6. blake's month by month album from his first year. at the time i didn't like how it was progressing so i put it aside to think on it for a bit. but since getting it out to snap a photo for this post i think i've decided that i actually do like it. so perhaps this will be a quick wrap up!

7. i am taking ali edwards' yesterday and today class via big picture scrapbooking. i am really loving this class! we are on week six and i am proud to say that i am up to date on all the layouts we have been assigned to create. so technically this one really is a work in progress since the class doesn't end until the end of the year. yeah for me!

8. i also took cathy zielske's class via big picture scrapbooking called me: the abridged edition. the journaling is what is really holding me up on this one. that and the fact that the class described in #7 above started before this one ended. but its a really cool album that i definitely want to finish before the end of the year.

9. my favorite photographs album. it is dedicated to all my photos that i think are technically my best. my portfolio if you will. in terms of an album it is really a very simple design - 8x10 prints of the photos mounted on 12x12 black cardstock with details of title, date taken and location. it doesn't get much simplier than that so i'm not quite sure why it's not up to date. the photos are all printed and mounted on the cardstock i just need to catch up on the details.

10. one of my very best friends has been battling leukemia since the birth of her second child earlier this year. i've started a scrapbook for her with all the photos taken during her hospital stays, her online journal entries and her online guestbook pages. it's actually coming along quite nicely but it is still a work in progress too.


  1. Wow - you are a busy gal. Since you work outside the house, I presume you've given up sleep to be crafty. I'd do that but someone would get hurt - me - 'cause I'd start running into walls. Great blogsite. DragonsLady from Shimelle's class

  2. Wow you have done so many amazing albums! I love the grandfather WW2 one I think I should do one of them..I have all his journalling and he died this year :( so would be an amazing tribute!

  3. You sure are busy! I too have many unfinished projects...but I just keep starting new ones..lol...

  4. Gosh - what a lot of projects you have on the go. Love your scrapbooking style.

  5. I could do a post and find AT LEAST ten things I'm working on! I'm very impressed that you have stayed caught up with Ali's class. Usually I do a great job of it, but this is one where I am way behind. I think having "forever access" took the pressure off. I love that they've added that feature, but it's let me off the hook.

  6. WoW! You have a lot of UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I'm not sure how you keep them all straight. I totally get what you are saying about so much Disney in one sitting. LOL!

  7. dana!

    ohhhh... i am so glad i snuck by!
    your blog pulled me in right away AND i look forward to peeking around MORE!

    all i know... "wow"... you're books are amazing... so loving all your inspiration! i am WAY behind! it is on my list of things to tackle in this next year! thanks for the BOOST! :)

    i have to say...
    i am in awe that you are a pharmaceutical scientist!!!!!! smarty pants! :)
    AND you are creative TOO! wow!

    happy friday! BIG bucket of hugs to you!