02 December 2009

december 1st and 2nd

below you will find the first couple of pages in my twenty-five days of december 2009 album. this first post actually ends up being a couple of pages because i wanted my goals for the album to be included up front and i also incorporated a picture and some short journaling for the day. i've also included some detailed shots as well.

and some of the details...

and here is a preview of my pages for december 2nd. i've gotten the pictures all ready to go but haven't put the pages together yet. at this rate it's looking like i'll be a day behind (i.e. putting december 2nd pages together on december 3rd, etc) but i'm ok with that as long as the photos are taken and my thoughts are captured....

journaling: the countdown has begun around here. this is the first year that we've done an advent calendar and michael is really digging it. i'm not sure blake understands what it's all about, but he knows michael is excited so he is too. my goal is to try and do something holiday-related every day. yesterday we read a christmas book and tonight i gave them a christmas scene to color. both were big hits. other things i have planned include making christmas cookies, going for a drive to look at christmas lights, writing letters to santa, watching some christmas movies, going to the youngsville christmas parade, donating some toys to charity, shopping for each other's christmas presents, more coloring (they both really like coloring right now!), more reading christmas books.....you get the idea. it's just a little something extra each day to celebrate the season because christmas isn't just about december 25th.

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  1. Wow, your December album is off to a gorgeous start. I love the feel of your album and I especially love your notes on taking back Christmas. I'm thinking the same thing this year!