30 December 2009

december 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd

five more days of my 25 days of december album !!

december 18th features a photo i took in walmart of michael pointing out to me what he told santa he wanted for christmas.....

the entry for december 19th highlights the fact that blake could not keep his little hands off our christmas tree this year. i took a picture of one of the candy canes from the tree that i was constantly picking up off the floor because he kept taking them off and playing with them.

i put some pages together out of order and then realized that i had a blank page that i needed to fill. it worked out great because i found this poem earlier in the month while surfing around the internet that i really liked and wanted to incorporate into my album somehow. and now i had the perfect spot! the website is the idea room if you're intersted and want to take a peak - lots of interesting stuff there.....

the entry for december 20th featured our christmas card from this year. i was a little late getting them out, but they made it to their destinations before the 25th! i used some leftover stamps as page accents too.....

one large photo is featured on the pages for december 21st. this was the day that michael had his christmas party at school and they spent the morning making crafts. he came home with a page full of goodies and i took a photo of all of them on our dining room table. the journaling features the poem that accompanied the special reindeer food they made - michael was really excited about having that!

and the last pages featured in this post are from december 22nd. these are just snapshots of some of the christmas decorations from around our house. it's a two page layout with part of a christmas card we received that i really liked (look at that cute wreath one the door) in the middle for kicks!

thanks for stopping by and i'll be back sometime soon with the last three pages!!

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