19 December 2009

december 6th (redo), 7th and 8th

i'm still here and am still keeping up with my december daily album although i am running a couple of days behind. i'm not letting that stress me out though - no stress allowed! i am really enjoying this project and my album is coming together quite nicely. definitely something i will want to do in the years to come.

i've included december 6th (redo), 7th and 8th in this post. these are all relatively simple pages, but they do tell the story so i'm happy with them.

december 6th is actually a re-do of the page i orginally posted here. the more i looked at this page the more i just didn't like it. i also did not like the fact that the original page did not contain any journaling which i later decided was necessary. so here is the before....

and here is the after....much better don't you think??

december 7th. this photo was taken while michael and i were at home depot running errands. i turned around to find him checking out all the christmas wreaths. it was a funny sight as he was really checking them out. i like how the photo turned out as its actually quite festive...even though you can't see his face...

and december 8th. this is a very simple layout featuring a photo of our christmas tree....

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